Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Three funky bookend ideas

Maybe it is the era of the internet and all that but most of us will agree that at some point or the other the idea of sitting by the window sipping hot tea and reading the a magazine or latest best-seller or an old classic has a charm or romance which is unparalleled. Anyway point is that we own books and we store them maybe in a book shelf maybe in a display shelf.. so we have bookends.. no? maybe? At the end of this blog post I hope you will say yes to bookends... of the kind that will bring a smile on to your face. Here are three from my collection.

This, the first is at the end of my son's dog eared books which I retire from time to time to the big book cupboard. Now that is a dark place literally (not much sunlight!) to I took a selection out with the bookend I made. 

I saved that old wooden hammer from a toy set and these two adorable fellows are from a Chinese shop in the upper floors of the Deira City Centre (Dubai) of the old when Ikea was in it...Take a closer look - they are super cute! I have put a bit of blu tac below the hammer and the two little fellows..

On to the next one

This cute little bunny is from a little shop near a tram station in Vienna - I will find the name somehow. I somehow failed to note the name! Look at the ruffles on her skirt! Adorable!

And her shoe laces...

And the third one. I must admit that this is one that I keep away in my display cupboard. Only because unlike the other two which are made from resin, this one is mostly ceramic and I cannot even imagine the books falling over them. So yes it is a set up but I promise I am going to make this real when I manage to make more place in my book shelf and put the books into one of those almost invisible Ikea bookends.

Ain't that sweet! And they are from across the globe spanning the countries of Austria, England and Australia! And yes  I will only use this tableau to pretty up a proper but less visible bookend! 

Look at that little doggie! One day I will write a post on some of the loveliest shops  have had the pleasure to visit around the world!

Do you have decor vignettes that make you smile? Mail me!

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