Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thorans....Indian buntings

I dedicate this piece to two of my fellow bloggers in the design domain who have shifted homes. Patricia and Sharon, this one's for you two... What better way to welcome guests than with a pretty thoran!!

Here's another view...
I cut out the leaf shapes on bakram and green kadi printed material and stuck it together. I simply love primitive decor, so I used little gold pins to attach the ghungroos to the leaves, as is done in prim decor. For the veins, I stuck gold wire (available in most craft shops).  Between leaves, I strung up green tanjore style beads, attached to ghungroos. The gold rope seemed just the right to string it all up.


  1. Thank you Sujatha. This thoran is really beautiful!:)

    I am currently holidaying lol - we just dumped all our stuff in the new home, then got away for a break. will leave my kid with my parents and head back to pune to tackle the organizing and arranging:)
    thanks again!

  2. Sujatha, this thoran is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The thoran is such a fab idea... Wish you could send it to me.... so I didnt have to make it... This shifting is such a tuff job.... really!!! I've only managed to sort the kitchen & the rest of the cupboards in the house... This weekend will be curtain hunting weekend.. Its exciting... but... but...

    Thank you for this lovely post!!

  4. Enjoy your vacation, Sharon! Moving is hard work, but am sure Patricia and you will come up trumps! Don't forget to post all pics for us to feast our eyes on!
    Patricia, I wish I could send the thoran to you!
    Welcome to my blog, Isabelle! I just love changing things around my home, so I just make stuff... just saw some great recipes on your blog, hope to try them soon...Do drop by frequently!


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