Friday, October 4, 2013

Assemble a festive rangoli this season

The  Indian festive season is upon us and rangolis are an integral part of our festive decor. All manner of instant rangolis are available in the market but something from our own craft and jewellery collection can help give this festive season your very own personal touch. 
Here are some of mine

Interestingly apart from the first one the others are all just arrangements - no sticking! If you find it difficult to keep some beads in place use blue tack - it is removable. I particularly love the last one where the little pieces go on to transparent pebbles. Just dig into your pendant collection or buy an assortment of eye catching stones, beads and some string; add some pebbles, cloth - experiment!

Here is a look at the raw materials I used

I chose that aged looking brass plate; it adds so much character to the whole setting... Happy festive weekend!

Check out this fusion piece I made for a friend who has the most awesome golus ever. Hope to post pics of it soon...

I bought some cards which were basically peepal leaves which were soaked in some kind of liquid to make them skeletal and then decorated using coconut fibre.  I only cut the leaves to size and trimmed them with the stone studded rope which I am so fascinated by nowadays. Most puritans will not use three leaves well I don't stand on ceremony I just ran out of rope but my friend will get the full set of four!


  1. Ah Fantastic idea I never knew you could do with pendents and leaves
    thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment Anandhi!


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