Sunday, February 7, 2016

Love potion gift tags

Hello! Valentine's day is round the corner and I thought I would do something fun so here are a couple of Love Potion gift tags. 

For this you will need:
  • Some thick, coloured paper
  • Adhesive cork sheet
  • glue
  • paper or felt hearts and twine

Use the printable at the end of this blog and print out the potion bottles and corks

Cut out each piece as below

Glue the wrong sides together

leaving the top edges free

Using the cork template, cut out two adhesive cork sheets and stick them on either side of the cork template so that both sides are lined with cork.

glue the cork lid in between the bottle sheets like shown below. Now your tag will have two sides with text as shown below.

Cut out  heart in red paper or felt and tie with string..

Here is the other bottle

To get a free printable template for the two bottles shown above click here


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