Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY tealight holder

I bought this set of bangles a few years ago and have never really worn it. Can't explain that because I use all bangles I buy. Every time I saw it I felt guilty so finally I decided to do something about it. This project is really simple and super fast. I am not one to spend an entire day working on a project - just too impatient! It's got to get done in under an hour tops and this one just fits the bill.
So here they are... colourful and pretty actually - my bangle set. You will need to decide on the glue for this one.I went with fevibond as these are metal bangles. For  glass bangles the hot glue gun should work well.

So this is how it works. Place a bangle on your work top and run around the top of it with the glue placing glue beads every so often. Press the second bangle on top of it slightly, run the glue over the second bangle and press the third one over it and so on forming a colourful tower. These bangles are handmade so they are not precise and I have probably worn them a couple of times so they are not evenly round as well, but the glue holds in many places and works well to hold the whole thing in place.

Here is a closer look at the glue beads after I ran the bangle over with fevibond.

Keep going till all bangles are done or till it is about the size of an average tea light no more..I am done with mine and then I placed a tea light inside to see how it looked. Great! The unevenness of the bangles allow for light to seep through in a nice random fashion. If your idea is to use it as a tea light holder I would say avoid using plastic bangles.. they may melt due to the heat generated by the flame. Colourful and gold dusted glass bangles will also look great and festive. You could place a glass or metal plate below it but I  guess just placing the tower around the tea light is sufficient

When I am not using it as a tea light I corral my daughter's stuff into a bowl which I place on top of this colourful tower like so

A pretty hard working bangle tower I say. What do you think? Happy weekend!

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