Monday, November 25, 2013

A fun DIY accent for the table

This is one of the many coaster crafts I have done since I am now an established coaster freak. Few people who like craft can resist a crocheted coaster and I simply had to have these - they looked so vintage and pretty. Here is how I used two of them.

I got two of the pretty coasters together with a bamboo skewer. Aren't  they pretty?

Using fabric glue I stuck the skewer to the centre of the wrong side of one of them and put on a scotch tape for good measure.

The ran the glue around the edges of the wrong sides of both coasters

And stuck them together. I added a wooden bead to the centre of each side and viola! 

a funky crochet accent is ready in a snap. Don't you simply adore the whimsy of it!

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