Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adding grunge to Indian vintage decor

Junk is the new glam in decor what with the gorgeous junk decor ideas all over the blog world. Here is my take on junk decor. Like I mentioned before rust does not necessarily look great in tropical India. But there are other ways to incorporate a bit of grunge into Indian vintage brass and bronze.

That board there was once part of a play set my son used. I attached normal door handles available at the local hardware and marked it with a border mimicking a running stitch. I am sure you recognize the embroidered panel from my previous post on decorating brass.  I just need another look at this!

That large brass vessel is an older version of the one used in making kuzhipaniyaram...


  1. Nice blog, cute stuff & fine photography! following now :)

  2. Creative Mind! Welcome to fascinating journey into a world of interesting and quirky decor...

  3. I love the brass kuzhippaniyaara chatti... :)

  4. Hello Aruljothi! Welcome to my space! yes that chatti is really an old treasure... adds to the appeal of any space it is put into! Do drop by often...


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