Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY brush holder

I did this in about half an hour one fine afternoon. You know I am a sort of coaster collector so hubby got me this set from Vietnam. Soon after, I was itching to do something with one set since he got me two. So I spread them out for a good look.. 

Pretty! I stared for a while went about my evening chores and went to bed. The next morning I knew what to do, so I commissioned my daughter ( I had to get to work and in any event she is more precise with her measurements and best of all she had a holiday.. so) to cut out a square of cork board which she was using for her project. When I got back she handed me a precisely cut square and I set to work pasting the squares around the cork board with my trusty hot glue gun.

The coasters are hand made so it does not fit with exacting precision but hand made has a charm of its own and it stuck well.

Here it is  all done and holding my brush and comb set.  Well what do you think?

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