Saturday, August 31, 2013

From  Minnesota with love...

One of my friends, Brinda makes these beauties for a charity auction. Cut out from  scrap wood, these kolams which are an integral part of Indian decor are hand painted on and the piece is then varnished to finish. 
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Indian Festive decor

Marigolds, roses and brass ... these are an integral part of most Indian festive decorations. Here is my take on that with the start of the Indian festival season...

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Repurpose....reuse... redecorate

I never seek permanence in decor. It keeps things fresh and allows for reuse and recycling.  Here are a few plate and cup styling ideas for your home.  Here I used a plate and a small inverted spice jar to display some scented wooden balls.

Here is a small brass uruli and a fine glass plate ...

which turns into a flower holder

And here I deconstruct for you the assembly of a terracotta tea cup from Bengal and the ubiquitous carved glass plate to hold some accessories..  Let me know what "cake stand" designs inspire you..

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Back after a long hiatus with jewel clips

After a rather long break I am back at it... let's get to it then. Got some old orphaned earrings or jewelry parts which are small enough to go on a hair clips? Use a metal file and file the bottom of the earring so that 
it is flat and will hold well.  Use some glue (dendrite, araldite, fevibond, glue gun... there are endless options) and stick it,  pressing well and leave it to dry for a day. have your own custom made hair clip 
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