Monday, December 14, 2015

DIY Vintage coasters

If you have old embroidered pieces, combine them with old fabric and burlap to make vintage feel coasters. These are cross stitch pieces I dis a while ago and have been repurposed here.

Here is a look at the material you will need - the embroidered patch or edging, burlap, old fabric, fuse bonding paper and threads in different colour.

Cut fuse bonding paper to the size of the embroidered piece.

Iron it on to the burlap or old fabric cut to size.

Finish with a running stitch in a contrasting colour.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fixing magnets on glass without glue

Attach attractive  magnets to glass without fuss or mess. All you need are the magnets and basic magnets which look like donuts.

Clean the glass well, hold the basic magnet on one side of the glass and the fridge magnet on the other. That's it! 

Here you see magnets on both sides of the glass. Since like poles repel in magnets, if you find the magnet pulling away from the glass turn it round. The other side will move towards the magnet on the other side of the glass.

 To hold heavier magnets, even clip ones like below, stack two or three magnets together, opposite sides facing and put the magnet clip on the other side.

For this to work, the glass cannot be very thick and the magnets cannot be super heavy. 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Relocation and such

Hi there!
Yes I have been missing for long, long time ...apologies for letting life overwhelm me but that's me I guess.  So much to do. I have to redo my home tour page and even revamp the look of the blog..well for now I am into door charms,  since we have a few more doors and windows in our new house. They just add a little colour and sound to our home and of course take me back to the places from where I bought the pieces or the whole!

Here is the first one - old buttons, the lovely heart from a shop now closed; takes me back to that delightful place bursting to the gills with ribbons, beads and baubles... and of course that endless roll of ribbon... this is one from my craft basket...

Love the sound the metal flower makes when the wind teases it.  I hear it first thing in the morning, followed by birdsong. Metal art from the South east Asia..

This last one is inspired by a  lovely sleek one I saw at a learning centre. Of course it was sleek and well done. My copy is ...well ...rustic shall I say! So it is Bastar bell meets cow bell from hardware store (of all places!)

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