Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY : Easy evening bags

I call these bangle bags, though I sometimes use bracelets as well. They are easy to make and can be customised to your evening wear...

Here, I have made a pouch using kadi print fabric. I then attached a couple of bracelets which had suitable colours as handles.Take a look...
You will have to sew loops to attach the bracelets in place. There is an easy way to do this - nylon ribbons. The advantages of using nylon ribbons are that the edges are already stitched and the rib bons are strong. Just fold the ends and run a few stitches to hold the handle in place. You have the option of using ribbons of contrasting colours, like in the picture below.                                                                           


Nylon ribbons have other uses such as tabs for tab top curtains. Here, I have sewed the edges of a sari pallu, cut equal lengths of nylon ribbon and attached them as tabs and trimmed the top with the same ribbon.

 Here is another pouch to which I have attached an antique looking bangle.

I'd love to know what you think of these. Do drop a comment....


  1. Hi Sujatha,
    First time here! :) Nice blog you got there, especially the craft and DIY stuff.
    These bags look so pretty. I love the idea of using bangles as handles :) I was wondering if you use two bangles on each bag or just one (like the picture shows) and how?

  2. Wonderful ideas you have here. Thanks for sharing them. I am doing small bags this weekend, and your post impresses me to try out the ideas you have shared here :)

  3. Hey, thanks you guys and welcome to my blog! I've thought about the single bangle concept.Attaching a bangle across the bag is pointless. Attaching it on one side will mean padding up the other side with stiffener. Else it will sag. So I decided to go with 2 bangles.Besides, I like the sound some of them make when they come together!


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