Sunday, March 30, 2014

Add a touch of fun to your cupboard knobs

I have put up masks and still have a few on the walls of my home. Could,t resist picking up a couple on my recent trip to Bali but I was determined to find another way of displaying it. After more than a month, I found an interesting way to do this

Before I hung the mask on the cupboard knob, I hung a golden tassel which looks like a sort of Golden neck ornament or beard even... 

I like decor which puts a smile on my face every time...

And I tug gently at the tassel to open that shelf which is not opened every day.. so how do you like my take on decor? Write in and tell me

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art + bamboo tablemats = cupboard decor

Hello there! Long time no see. Work got the better of me I guess but here I am with another post.. I finally managed to start clearing my books and craft cupboard and dug out some stuff... here is a look at what I assembled with a vague idea of wanting to cover up parts of the cupboard which looks like a storm hit it ever so frequently.

So here is the stuff, some beautiful Vietnamese embroidery which they sell roughly pinned on hard card, some handmade paper sourced long ago from the local speciality stationer and bright colourful bamboo mats from Vietnam. So I set out to put them together as only I can - in a complete freewheeling style where imperfection rules because I am not patient and find it difficult to hold the ruler exactly straight. Happily the embroidered patterns were all of different sizes and the use which I had in mind is quite forgiving! You will see what I mean at the end of the post.

I used some bonding paper (therma web from Micheal's is great for this) to stick the picture on the mat and 

finished with the handmade paper of similar or contrasting colour depending on what I had... I have five of these and left a couple with edges unfinished for certain uses while  finished three of them which I put up in the said cupboard. As you can see it hides quite a bit of the mess and leaves quite a bit in plain sight. Well I must get on with the clean up and make everything visible easy on the eye.. quite a task if you ask me

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