Friday, November 15, 2013

Make something interesting with a basket

I confess to being a basket addict and I am especially partial to little baskets, so I do have a few of them lying around... and since I am now in a mood to put things together or throw them out, I decided to do something about this little black basket because I could not bring myself to fling it out.
So here is a look at the said basket

I had just bought a set of red and black beads on a whim and I remembered the black and orange bell that my dear friend had presented to me. It has pretty cut work in orange. So I pulled out an orange jewellery thread, my trusty gold wire, my favourite tiny ghungroos and set to work...

This is the result of twenty minutes of cutting, threading and twisting wire I made a garden variety dangler. Looks pretty anywhere, more pretty in the garden.

If you like it do leave a comment and if you have  variation of this or something like this please send me some picks or backlink with this post so we can have a little basket party of sorts!

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