Friday, December 13, 2013

Adding bling to bangles

Every now and then I clean out my bangles and earrings and sometimes stick parts of one to another. You see some of my stuff is very old and though I don't have the heart to give them away I don't wear them either so here is what I did to two things I was not wearing for a while...

Here are some old metal bracelet which I have not worn in years because I have simply lost the patience required to clip it on! Believe it! And here are some wooden bangles which I do wear. But then I thought what if I could wear them together. So I took out my trusty pliers and clipped off the side strings and stuck them to the bangles.

Another look? I think it looks so pretty. I am already lining up a dress to wear these with. What do you think?

I also dismantles a couple of old earrings and turned them into attractive hairpins. I have done some in an earlier post, but these are a lot more dressy..your thoughts? 

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  1. Lovely bracelets! I wish I had them. Putting them on the bangles is even more easier to wear. How did you stick them BTW?

  2. Hi Vasudha! Yes these bracelets are very pretty and a couple of them are about 18 years old. I stuck them on with Fevibond - very neat and non messy; it was in fact trickier to stick things on the hair pins but fevibond works well.


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