Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sports themed bunting

Buntings have a sense of festivity about them... I made this with things I bought from Micheal's.  It is simple to make and can be finished in under an hour. Here is the finished product, rustic as is my style.

Burlap mat stock is a very handy thing to have and is available in just the right size at Micheals. I cut the mat stock to a size which was just a bit wider than the ball and long enough to hold both the ball and brad. Then I just did a running stitch in black thread. Perfection is not really necessary in the stitches since the whole feel is rustic.

and this brad is just the right size for me to spell out my son's name on.

I threaded the individual pieces on a rough jute thread and stuck it on the wall.

Voila! Run a line of fabric adhesive along the stitches when working with burlap or any other easy fray fabric to keep it in shape.

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