Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junk to wall hanging in minutes...

The kitchen towel roll is one of the most versatile things I've come across. With a little modification it becomes a tunnel, a rainmaker,  a vase... the possibilities are endless. Today I'll show you how to make the cutest object of joy in minutes! Here's what you'll need. As always, substitute all accessories with whatever you have. That's the challenge and the fun of it!
Here, I have cut the roll in half. You can use it whole if you like. First cut the paper (or cloth) to cover the roll and stick on. Then ,look into your craft box and gather things you think you can use. Draw or stick things as you like and trim with lace/raffia/sequins. This is what I did....

I did some warli art and tried on some sequins and beads. I liked the effect and so I hung it up with some jute thread...  I                 
Here's another view...funky, cute decor and so easy to make. You can hang rustic bells, little baskets, earrings or even semi precious beads. Let your imagination run away with you!


  1. This is beautiful! I have a whole box of these lying around! Me thinks we can make a wind chime with this idea! I will start working on it right away.. thanks for the idea!

  2. It looks beautiful. The orange foil wrap make sit very colourful. I have only seen silver coloured foils... Do you paint orange over the normal silver coloured foil wraps or are they sold in various colours?

  3. Shankari, welcome to my blog. My aim is to share as many ideas as I have that'll make it easy for people to make beautiful things for their homes easily. Happy to know I'm succeeding.
    Sharon and Rekha, Thanks. Are you guys back to your normal routine? How was your holiday, Sharon?

  4. Iniyaal, welcome to my blog! You've made such pretty stuff with m-seal! To answer your question, the paper is hand-made paper with a touch of bronze-gold from the local craft shop.So didn't have to do anything much except to draw the warli pictures with permanent marker.

  5. Snap! Lovely idea Sujatha, no one could say it was a toilet paper roll!


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