Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reusing everyday objects as lamp holders this Karthigai

Hi all! Tomorrow (this Sunday) all over South India we celebrate a festival of lights called Karthigai Deepam. This is when we light lamps all around our homes like we do during Deepavali. Very very simply put, it is a celebration of the inner strength of the woman.  
Well this time I have decided that in addition to the beautiful lamp I bought for Deepavali I thought I would reuse some things that are used around the house for other purposes, not only because it is green but because it gives me a lot of creative latitude. Take a look see and let me know how you like it... 
Caution: This is a very long and picture heavy post!

Starting with the junk options...

This is an assemblage of the various things that sit in my little garden area... objects which I don't pay as much attention to as I perhaps should... better late than never I guess!

You do remember this guy from my old post right? This is my garden doorstop.

This iron pot looks much better here among the ruins of the shelf as it were...never thought I would use the word gorgeous for this but that is how it looks! So it will remain here forever...

Next comes my decadent vignette all gold and Strala battery lights... this is my entryway special so no one gets hurt coming in.. and there is so much wood close by too

Love it... especially the antique looking seahorse for which I paid a pretty packet in Bangkok - worth every Thai Baht though and then there is the diamante studded flower lamp which I bought a pair of for my friend.. somehow one ended up on my tableau!

Here is a closer look at the gorgeous lamp which I got from Home and Style.

Another set of lamps that use objects that don't normally have tea lights in them. There is the copper pen stand, the mini kadai and the made up urulis...sitting on an incredibly carved (and chipped by all the boys of the family) centrepiece.

Here is another look at the components. Don't miss the odds and ends which I had to add..

Of course I have a quirky option for my kitchen! The muffin pan is just right for the set of six

And now for the grand finale... the grand dame of all Indian lighting options... the kutthivilakku. This one is very ancient and has been passed down the generations. No adornment required... looks gorgeous all by itself. I just had to add the Tanjore touch... . These beautiful motifs are from Lotus and I don't think Abirami who runs the store has a facebook page or website but quite frankly I don't think she has the time... she is always beseiged with custom orders. Nevertheless I will ask the next time I meet her.

That's it then... happy Karthigai Deepam to all those celebrating and a happy weekend to everyone!

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