Thursday, April 1, 2010

Creative doorstops

Every balcony needs a doorstop to prevent doors slamming on the windy day. In the days gone by doorstops were actually made - stitched and filled with sand. I actually found the handmade doorstop much more effective than the metal ones attached to the door. Take a look at the one below; it's served me for more than two years, braving the whipping wind which whistles through the house, often upsetting objects in its way!

In keeping with the garden theme, I've left the pot as is, weather beaten and chipped; I think it looks lovely weather-worn. As you can see this is a simple piece of DIY decor.... just fill a little pot with coloured pebbles
(you'll find them in all stores selling aquarium supplies and it is cheap!) and sit it against the open door. DIY at its best! You can wrap a ribbon or raffia around its neck for extra oomph!!
 I also have a very roughly stitched doorstop which I use inside my house. This  one, featured below has stood guard at my bedroom door for about 3 years now.

I stitched a bag with some thick leftover cloth, attached an old cross stitch piece I had made, filled it with coloured pebbles (to which I added a few drops of essential oil ) and rougly hemmed it. For a handle, I stitched a panel of red felt. We rough use it and it still looks and smells good!

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  1. awesome idea:) i have spent the last hour exploring your blog, and it's truly delightful!


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