Friday, April 16, 2010

DIY : No-sew patchwork napkin rings

This one's really easy and really no-sew, but all-stick! You will need to get some things together before you begin, though. Here's what you will need

Scraps of cloth, some plain (solid colour) and some with prints you can cut out.
A pair of nice sharp scissors
Fabric glue
Bakram or stiff cloth

That's it, let's get started....

Now cut out a rectangle of solid colour cloth, like I have at left. Cut out flowers or other motif as per your choice , like I have from the printed cloth as shown.

Now, using fabric glue, stick the flowers randomly on the solid coloured cloth.
Patchwork done!

Next, cut out a narrower strip of bakram and stick the patchworked strip on it.

Wrap the edges around the bakram and stick using fabric glue. Let the flower patches be really random and some should even wrap over the edge for a really nice effect. Now, make a ring and glue edges again...

 Ready for the napkin...

 Here are two more that I have made using the same technique. You can use rectangular strips of cloth and stick ricrac at the meeting point between two patches like I have done with the green one - shown left.

Well, what do you think? Let's hear from you all...


  1. How creative you are! I like!:) I have done a similar set of napkin rings using decoupage. I used flowers too (they are my fav decoupage theme, more so cos they look awesome when you have them wrapping edges!

    Loved your idea better, cos it's quicker. What a great way to make custom napkin rings for dinner parties!

  2. I too thought it's a good way to custom design the rings to suit any decor.... have you moved yet?


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