Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DIY : Creative coasters

These pretty coasters are made in a jif. Some nice paper, scissors and craft punches are all you need. Here's a look see at the craft punches I used. Check under the Craft Resources heading to find out where to get them.   You can use handmade paper, transparencies or slightly thick craft paper.Ensure that the thickness is such that it can be punched  with the craft punch.

Now, cut the paper into squares - sized as per your requirement- and punch away.

I have used thickish brown paper, coloured translucent paper which is called "rigid film" or something like that and coloured craft paper. You can also stick contrasting paper below the punched one and it looks pretty dandy like in the pic below. I have stuck some of the punched out leaves on white card to make nifty gift tags. Let your imagination flow and you'll be surprised (pleasantly, I assure you) with the outcome...

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