Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just adorable....

I found this in the latest Inside Outside (April 2010)... Decor of the quirkiest kind is what I'd say. I'd love to have this on my walls!
Oops! I think my scan is a bit blurred at the edge...sorry about that, but do grab a copy of the issue and if you haven't seen the Better Interiors issue of February 2010, grab that as well - beautiful spaces-. What's your idea of quirky? Drop me a note...


  1. hey.. nice post.. I've featured your blog to my readers... Hope you have a great blogging time!!

  2. Thanks, Patricia! It feels great to be welcomed so warmly by the design blogging community. And thanks a bunch to Sharon and the Key Bunch too!

  3. lovely blog,keep working..lakshmi from celebrations decor

  4. Hi and welcome to my blog, Lakshmi.


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