Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beads and baubles...

 Love the beads! I collect all kinds and string it up any which way I like. What do I do with them? Hang them on either side of curtains, add them to cushions. Give me some ideas... what else can I do with them? I've added the shot below because I loved the pic; See I'm not very good with the camera, so when the picture comes out right, it can be overwhelming!!


  1. Hi Sujatha, I am Divya, a fashion & jewelry designer from chennai. I too share your penchant for beads..and thought I'll share some ideas for home decor using beads...which I have implemented at my place...
    - You can use beaded bracelets(elastic ones) as napkin or curtain rings or you can fashion them in wire for a sturdy fixture
    - If you have any small figures(wooden or plastic)you can string them up with beads and use them as a chime
    Divya N

  2. Welcome to my blog,Divya, and for your lovely ideas. I especially like your figurine idea.I am always on the lookout for new ideas, and as a fashion designer you'd have a lot of them. The ordinary elastic though is not strong enough for repeat use in curtains or napkins and becomes fatigued. Is there any specific type of elastic I should be asking for?


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