Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A pot of leaves... and a shop called Lotus....

Glamorous gold highlighted with copper sulphate blue... Delicious!

This composition is gloriously Indian...The mango leaves, which have been dried and dyed gold are from Lotus - more about that below- I've just added the blue tanjore beads to give it oomph... Looks beautiful doesn't it? Great festival decor.
Now, I'll tell you a little about the shop called LOTUS. Tucked intoa little nook in Manjari gardens in Kotturpuram is this little craft shop called Lotus. I just love browsing there for stuff, ideas, more stuff, more ideas...Here are some things you get there, which makes it a true treasure trove.

The gift wrapping papers are to die for. As for the earrings,  keyrings and stuff...  droolworthy.  Sometimes I just go there to be among the pretty things in life. They make things to order too...

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