Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Midweek DIY - 2014 calender

This one is so simple it is laughable.. but totally worth the time spent on it. I wanted to do a simple, functional calender for my tennis crazy son. He likes to watch all major (and sometimes minor) tournaments which are played throughout the world year round  and likes to keep track of the top players. So I downloaded this simple calender from and then went to work on it. Take a look at what is possibly the simplest DIY calender in the world.

I got my son to name the top 12 seeded players, downloaded action images (which he loves) and also downloaded the ATP match calender. These I took to pixlr and worked on. Pixlr is easy to work on for people like me who are not into graphic design big time. It was a snap watermarking and adding tournament names. For good measure I threw in family birthdays and it was all done.

Together we went to the stationery shop and picked out textured matt paper in light khaki and printed the calender at home on our own printer. Then I swung by our mom and pop style local binder and got it spiral bound. It hangs on a simple S hook. As you can  probably see it is as home brewed as it can possibly be. None of the slickness associated with high end printing and store bought glossy calenders. 

I kept it matt on purpose and did not laminate it because I want this to be a scribble on calender where we will put in important school dates and holidays.. I will be making a custom one for my kitchen as well. A less sober version I guess.. somehow the calenders on the phone don't have this je ne sais quoi about them... what say?

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