Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bling up glass plates with some costume jewellery

This is one of five trays which I inherited. They are really old and gorgeous. I also inherited some of this floral costume jewellery which I never really wore so it slept in a cupboard which I dusted the other day. As with all my makeover stories the rest is in the blog post.

Here are the components of the makeover

I removed the clips and pins from behind these flowers, which is fairly easy to do with normal pliers. Then stuck it with blobs of fevibond. We here in India do not have the range of adhesives that crafters in the west have access to but with a bit of patience fevibond will do the trick. You just need to be generous with the amount ...

I have put it on my bedside table to hold my daily accessories... looks so pretty doesn't it?

Many of you have mailed me asking what adhesive I use and how it sticks. The pic below is to show that fevibond works great on metal but use it generously and leave it to set for a good four to five hours. If you are going to put it to rigorous use like the hair clips, I'd say leave it overnight. My daughter and I have both used the jewelled clips and the embellishments hold just fine. Same with the bangles.

Here you can see the bit of spillover from the fevibond. I will clean it up tomorrow when I am sure the flowers have set. Right now I was impatient to put this up so...

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