Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make a bag with old placemats

Hope everyone in the west had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I guess the weekend continues for you guys, mine is nearly over! And I present to you my Bangkok Bag tonight cos I will not have time tomorrow. Mournfully Monday! I call it the Bangkok bag because I bought the prints from Bangkok a while ago. I tried putting it on cushions and the usual but there was something amiss so I retired it for a few years. I also retired a few denim placemats because they were a bit old and we got something new and eminently more washable so here is how I put them together

And below is the DIY part. The prints, the denim placemats and bamboo bag handles. 

I first stitched on the patches, one on each side, by hand because I enjoy hand stitching in the balcony watching the sun playing hide and seek with the trees, listening to bird song... it's a cathartic experience. Anyway I broke a needle on my sewing machine when I finally stitched the place mats together and spent a good amount of time putting in a new needle after extricating it from where it had fallen into the bobbin below. Well to cut a long story short I sewed most of this one  by hand.

I trimmed the excess cloth from above to cut it into a squarish bag and used the excess to hold the handles. Since I had two patches this one is a double sided bag!

The picture above is just to show you I hand sewed it!

This is the other side. Do you like it? Do write in and tell me!


  1. Lovin your DIYs! Quick simple creative. Will drop by often.. uour newest follower here! Thsnks for dropping a note on my blog.


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