Sunday, December 8, 2013

Make a wall hanging easily with different materials

After I did that denim bag I was left with three more pictures that I had picked up from Bangkok. So I lined up some materials which are suitable to my instant decor frame of mind and got down to business.
Here is a look at the materials...

A burlap runner which I had bought a while ago, a dandiya stick and of course my stitching kit and some raffia or "sanal" as it is called here, to hang the whole thing with.

Here is a look at the project halfway through. It is a good idea to stick the pieces with fabric glue to the runner  so that you fix the places and make it easy for you to sew it. You could also choose to simply stick it fully with fabric glue and not sew at all. I chose to sew the pieces because the runner is not tightly woven as you can see and the glue will spill over at the back and become messy.

Once done, I just folded the top over, sewed it like you would do the top of a curtain and ran the dandiya stick through it. Finally I attached tied some sack thread or "sanal" to both ends and voila! wall hanging ready in an hour.

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