Thursday, December 26, 2013

Change how your cushion looks in a snap

I have been fascinated by the velcro dots I came across in - of all places - Health and Glow which is more a cosmetic chain store. But these dots are the handiest craft tool I have used. Here I show you how to use it (or a square of velcro cut from a length ) to change the way your cushion looks in a few minutes.

Here I have prepared a fine painting in silk to be attached to the cushion. Even though the velcro dots are self stick I added a layer of fabric glue so that it holds strong. If you are cutting lengths of velcro from a roll, it is a good idea to stitch it on so that it can be washed easily and frequently.

Here I beautified the painting and added the corresponding velcro dots.

Just velcro the picture on the cushion. This works very well with paintings and other material which cannot be washed like the ones in the picture. Just remove the painting and wash the cushion cover. If you have a collection of similar sized pictures, paintings or other craft material; prep them and velcro them to cushions for an instant, different look.

Here I must add that due to the type of material used in the accent piece (it is not washable) and due to the fact that I have added embellishments this work is best done on an accent cushion in a less trafficked area. Thanks to my readers for pointing out the practicalities of the decor ideas I put out. 


  1. Nice idea, but I think you may have a dog ear effect after a few days at the corners. If this is only a cushion used very moderately and not as support, but only as decoration, i think its brilliant!

  2. Thanks for the comment Ramya. I have added the fact that this is meant to be an accent cushion to the blog post.


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