Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to make a cushion in a hurry

I made this one in about ten minutes and I think I will use it or a long time.

 See I have this footstool on which I sit in the early morning light with my cup of coffee for about some ten minutes sipping and chatting with hubby before my son wakes and the morning run starts. My use of this footstool is limited to this morning time and for when I am sewing still I wanted to sink into something soft. Recently I bought some sponge wadding; I don't know for what - I often buy craft stuff without actually knowing what I will use it for and then find a use for it. I saw it sitting there one morning and had an idea. 

The wadding was already  neatly folded so I just removed the plastic covering, snipped off the cloth handles of the bag and stuck the wadding as it was into the bag. I only removed the handles because I wanted to use the velcro coins to seal the bag. You could very well snip the handle into two and tie it like a ribbon after stuffing the sponge in.  Works the same way. Me being me couldn't resist transferring the vintage Vienna poster as an addition to the bag but any old bag with character works well. Keeping the cloth bag removable allows you to wash the bag when it gets dirty. Here is a closer look at the velcro coins - super cute.

I cannot tell you just how amazing it is to sink into this little heaven every morning!

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