Thursday, October 17, 2013

Four fun side table decor ideas

The other day I just set up a little table by my workspace on the floor with whatever I found around and then it occurred to me that this could be a fun project so here are four arrangements that I put together with various objects from around the house

The plate which serves as the base is a picture plate from Amsterdam and the objects on it include my favourite Chinese vase.

This next one is set up on a chalk board and I put out a  few yellow and black pieces that I had on it.

I adore the colourful lantern which I picked up in an exhibition, the little cow photo holder and te tiny watering cans... these are indeed  a few of my favourite things and I put them up on an exam pad for a lark.They sit on an expandable hook rack for added quirk!

This has to be a travel story which is set up on a packaged embroidery design I did very long ago. The fox puzzle is from Stockholm (love the Scandinavian design sense), the long necked bottle is  from Dubai, the shell flower is from Chennai and the brass from Kerala.

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