Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My home

My home is where my heart is; where I live with my two kids and hubby; where we lovingly and painstakingly assemble all the little things we collect during our extensive travels. I would like to think that every little corner of my home tells a story of time long gone; of travel and of beauty. Much of the furniture and some furnishings have been passed down from our parents. Here is a glimpse of some of our treasures...

Welcome to my living room where all the furniture is old and worn and beautiful. I simply love the old Kashmiri rajai which hangs as a curtain here.

I love this sage tableau with the two suited Ganeshas and the Krishna pic which was framed so well. It was a gift of an old calender which was laminated. It lends the print an aged texture. 

Here is my sun laden balcony where I keep my decorative garden accents. I collect these on my travels. Gotta love that little angel. I brought her home all the way from Norfolk.

Here are some more garden accents and the pretty vase which is made from rolled terracotta by an Assamese lady who lived here for a while.

Sitting on the ancient trunk with working wheels is an equally ancient iron vessel we call Kumuti which was used to hold coals. I think it makes a great charging station. I like magnets and these ones from Istanbul decorate the iron trellised candle holder. Law gardens in Ahmedabad has  many tiny shops where women sell embroidered fabrics  and I bought a huge piece for a tiny price ... one part of it adorns the trunk.

Wood and brass make a terrific combination; the large wooden box houses my junk jewellery and the chest of drawers is where I hide my clips and pins and such.


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