Thursday, October 10, 2013

Create festive houseware with tanjore stones

Bling up your lamps and turn little matkas into decor pieces this season. All you need is glue and some pieces of jewellery... there is such a choice now in little shops that sell festive bling across town. I picked up two pretty bracelets which were going cheap and destrung them. I have already used part of the pieces on transparent pebbles, then I did this!

You have already seen the stone studded string. I just dug into my craft box and got out some tanjore stones to match. Here is another look

I found this matka when I started spring cleaning for the season (I seem to start every season and never finish!) and blinged it up as well. 

Such a stark contrast... warrants one more pic!

Here it is with afore mentioned heavily decorated pebbles.. I have shown you my bling... your turn now!

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