Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Folk designs on ceramic

I must confess that I love all kinds and manner of folk art. When I got a Warli card at a local exhibition I thought that I had to showcase it better somehow. I copied the design onto transfer paper and transferred it onto a silk cloth which I then stuck to a ceramic plate which once held Diwali sweets.

Oh I had to trim it with that stone string which I am obsessed with now. I just love the tribal candle holder. Right now I must also confess to having put up this prop for this blog post. I am still looking for the right place for it at home. Here is a closer look

Admittedly this is not the most innovative use of warli but it is pretty isn't it? I learnt something from this design transfer though. The best way to stick this is probably to use double sided sticking sheets ... nest time! 
 Do you know a better way of transferring designs on to ceramic? If yes do let me know

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