Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY Rustic rope coaster

This actually qualifies in the Great Rope trick. I had bought this rope for some work at home and then left the remainder in my junk cupboard. I thought this would be a great weekend project and took out the rope. After staring at it for the longest time I despaired and went to sleep. The rope does not bend easily and I could not use it as a handle for my leftover wood tray project. How frustrating I thought but that was yesterday. What I did though before I slept was to cut up the rope into sort of equal segments ( I kind of suck at equal, straight and such stuff ) and trimmed them with thin metal wire which is easy to work with .. Today is another day and I finished the project differently. Here is what I did yesterday

This morning I had another idea so I took out a transparency or a transparent sheet and my trusty glue gun and stuck the rope bits on it working them as close together as possible. That was a challenge - the rope has a mind of its own! I then cut the transparency to size before sticking the last rope bit.

Tada! Coaster ready! I just love the totally rustic feel it has. I wish I had coloured raffia to trim it with. That would've looked lovely. Well what can I say!

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