Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adding bling to everyday bags

How is this the rope trick you ask... the answer lies in the fact that these are decorative ropes much like the link chains I used in the blingy bag in my previous post and they are available in a mind boggling range at the local fancy store as they are called in India. This red bag is again a pretty packaging... believe it or not!

Here is how you do this in four simple steps with some fabric glue, scissors and the said fancy rope.

 I drew the leaf with the fabric glue tube directly since it comes in a convenient pack with a thin snout.  If it is a complicated drawing you can draw it with fabric chalk and then run over it with the fabric glue. Then comes the fun part. Just glue the rope on. This takes a bit of patience - cut it at places where you will need a sharpish edge and use a pair of blunt edged scissors to nudge the rope into place. When I was done with the leaf I just snipped individual stones and stuck them randomly to make it prettier.

Here is another which I use as an instant kolam or rangoli. These can brighten up any piece of decor in just 15 minutes ... I say that is a snap!

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