Saturday, September 21, 2013

Working charms into more than decor

I love charms they are a great way of accessorizing anything. Here I work some charms from Michael's in San Jose, evil eyes from Istanbul and even pendants or earrings into chain links.

I got this link chain from a local store where they sell it by a meter in a myriad colors. Choose from pendants, earrings or charms which you think will go best with it. The nice thing about the link chain is that you can open up any link and stick the pendant or charm in.  Buy some metal rings like you see in the photo right above and use a pair of tweezers to make a S hook out of one. Link these two to the ends of the chain and you have a custom hook to keep the belt in place. You could also use fish eye sets or spray paint these hooks to match your belt. The options are endless.
Turns out the uses are endless too! Use as a belt or my favorite option - a curtain tie.. I am quite fond of these. You can also make a bunting out of them but more on that later. Make a funky necklace out of them and post a picture for me...

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