Thursday, January 9, 2014

Integrating Bastar craft in home decor - DIY

Bastar art is justifiably famous. Rustic and gorgeous it embodies the simplicity of  everyday village life in India. So when I saw these panels I just grabbed them by the handful with no idea whatsoever of what I was going to do with it. 
Here I present my own versions of Bastar in everyday home decor. 

Strings of matt gold beads are very versatile and here I restrung them on a gold jewellery wire and attached them by just tying them in an ordinary rustic knot to the little Bastar panel.

I purposely used a long string because it looks so ornamental when you wrap it round. Use them as napkin rings 

or curtain ties or just hand it ornamentally on lampshades, the choice is yours.. Since I am binging big time on Tanjore beads I decided to fuse Bastar and Tanjore and see how that came out. Here is a picture. You tell me what you think of it...

I stuck on some Tanjore beads and patches and put the two together using a keyring.


  1. I liked the idea of using it as napkin ring or tying the curtains as u have done...

  2. They really look pretty tied that way don't they Vasudha... costume jewellery for curtains!


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