Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DIY Instant cushion covers

Add instant glam to your cushions using this technique. These "cushion covers" are a snap to make, need no sewing, just cloth - blouse pieces, leftover upholstery, anything- and accessories.

 Here's a step by step guide on how to make these:

  •  Gather the materials - cushion pads (12"x 12") works well, some accessories (bracelets, bangles, pendants). Get them all together and let's have some fun! Don't bother about unstitched edges, it adds charm to the finished product.
  • Place the cushion pad as shown below, somewhere higher than the centre.

    • Fold the left edge over the cushion as shown in the pic below
    • Now, fold the right edge over.
    • Fold up the cloth and smooth it so it looks like the pic below.
    • Gather the top and clasp it together with a bracelet, bangle or multiples of them. There, all done and all glam....

    Now that the techniques is clear how about we go from edgy glam to traditional festive...

    I have used leftover gold and crushed material and accessorised them with suitable festive bangles. I will let you in on one more variation to this technique to give your cushion a more formal look.

    • After folding the left and right edges, fold over the top edge like so. 

    • Turn the cushion over , fold the edges just like you would when wrapping books in brown paper.

    • Fold over and clip in place with a brooch or pendant. There, all done and all formal and not a stitch in sight!
     Here's another rather rough hewn one, wearing an old brooch!

    One thing to remember while using this technique is to use dull rather than loud fabric and let the accessories have the pride of place. Since these are no-sew cushions they will have to be given TLC... else, use pins to hold everything in place and they will be as good as sewn ones.
    Hope you have fun dressing up your home!!


      1. These cushions look lovely. And what a simple technique. I am bookmarking your blog and will come back for more.

        Best regards.


      Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts!

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