Sunday, January 12, 2014

Decoupage tray

This project combines my love for local art and the celebration of having received a jar of Mod Podge from my sister. It is simply not the same as the mixture of PVA glue and water. Ok, so here is a tray which I had painted a long time ago in a very simply embroidery design. I prepped this one for a more local flavour transformation.

As you can see it is old and worn and stained. So, I decided to take out that trusty can of matt black paint and give it two coats. Here it is at the end of 1 coat.

Then I stuck the print of a painting of  a local artist - traditional art at its simple best using Mod Podge. I gave this five coats allowing for drying time in between.

Then I just cleaned up and touched up the sides of the tray and gave it a coat of spray varnish. Nothing more is required for this rustic tray. I let the sides be as they are. Wish I had access to matt gold washi tape but couldn't find that so I let it be...

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