Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun money pouch

I have been looking for a soft pouch to put my cheques and sometimes notes in while carrying them in my purse. It doesn't help that cheques cannot be bent of folded etc so I decided to make a funky envelope to carry these.

Here  is the finished envelope

I made this from a foam sheet which is folded and held together by what are called "brads" which I bought for no particular reason a while ago.
Here is how I made this simple pouch

I cut out a rectangular shape the eyewhich is a bit more than double the size of the envelope, trimmed an edge for a foldover and simply poked in the brad. If you are not able to get it in, hammer gently with the hole maker in an eyelet kit.

The pouch comfortably holds cheques and notes, but the reverse side shows up the other end of the brad, so I cut out strips from the foam sheet and stuck them to cover the edges and the brads. To hold the envelope, I stuck velcro dots on both sides and voila a soft pouch is ready in just 40 minutes. 
I would have lied to stick a washi tape with a nice pattern instead of strips of foam sheets on the reverse but I didn't have a nice one so...what do you think?

Here is another version made of  a stronger version of butter paper which came with some wrapping.

This is amazingly easy as the paper was tough and pretty and it is easy to use scotch tape to make the envelope. As a finishing touch I added a little bling in the form of a tanjore foil piece.


  1. resourceful post! can make smaller ones for gift card holders too... neat idea!



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