Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY Decoupage pail

Decoupage is an easy way of transforming dull accents into something vibrant. This enamel pail was white with a natural wooden handle and the decoupage was done four years ago; hence the "distressed" look!

Here's a simple step-by-step direction to decoupage:

1. Look around the house for leftover gift wrapping paper. Find a pair of sharp scissors. I have used a gift wrapping paper with square designs which is easy to cut.
2. Cut out designs as desired using the sharp scissors. Cut out enough designs as required for the object on which you want to do the decoupage.
3. Clean the object well and dry completely.
4. Stick the designs randomly using PVA glue. I have painted the rim and handle red using enamel paint. Paint or spray clear varnish. Three coats of varnish will do nicely. Dry between coats.

Please note that if you are planning to do decoupage on wooden objects, you will have to sand it using a fine grade sand paper, after cleaning and drying. This is to make the surface as even as possible before sticking paper onto it.

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