Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fixing magnets on glass without glue

Attach attractive  magnets to glass without fuss or mess. All you need are the magnets and basic magnets which look like donuts.

Clean the glass well, hold the basic magnet on one side of the glass and the fridge magnet on the other. That's it! 

Here you see magnets on both sides of the glass. Since like poles repel in magnets, if you find the magnet pulling away from the glass turn it round. The other side will move towards the magnet on the other side of the glass.

 To hold heavier magnets, even clip ones like below, stack two or three magnets together, opposite sides facing and put the magnet clip on the other side.

For this to work, the glass cannot be very thick and the magnets cannot be super heavy. 


  1. What a simple but brilliant idea! I might use these to hang my daughters drawings :)

  2. Thanks Molly and welcome to my blog! Sorry on my really late reply... got on to other things ..


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