Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thorans - How to make an Indian bunting

I could never resist the lure of beads and baubles available at craft shops. This time I ended up with a lot of red and gold. So I threaded up a few thorans. Here's a look at a festive one...

Simple, yet festive! Same tanjore stone piece that was used in the napkin ring, different use...

Making thorans is really simple and what's more, you can suit it to your decor, mood or theme. Use lace or wire with a dull gold finish. They have a class about them that simply cannot be matched by the brighter variety.

Before you start, it's a good idea to put together a few "looks"  and then choose the best one or ones.
Below are  pics of some looks I have created. Just lay the lace or rope and arrange the beads and baubles on it. Then choose the one/ones you like and create it. While attaching beads or other accessories, you can use rings which are available in the market, but most of these are silver in colour, so for the gold based pieces, use gold wire, twist to hold in place and hot glue to the lace/rope/accessory. Attach the rings at the end to hook thorans to nails. (See first pic in this blog post).



  1. Wonderful. Really simple yet elegant idea. This could also form a lovely table decor na?
    Where can i buy the tanjore stone piece from?

  2. Hey.. you make it sound really simple.. I bet it isnt this simple!!! Can you please send me one??!!

  3. Hey Shruti,
    Yes, this piece would make lovely table cloth edgings. This is available at R S Shoppe, Adyar, Chennai. It should be available at "thread stores" as they are called, in Bangalore. At 12/- a piece I think they are great value decor pieces!

    Hey Patricia,
    It really is simple. The trick is finding the right accessories. Mail me your address, I will courier one to you. Any colour preferences? You know my mail ID. Btw,we used to live in Dubai 10 years ago. Revisited in december last. I wish I was into blogging then. I could have met up with you there! Never mind, let me knwo if you come to Chennai. Would love to meet up!!


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